Monday, April 18, 2011


I faltered. I fell. But in my defense saving money is REALLY boring. I'm usually not a big fan of diffusion lines but I bit the bullet and bought this Dion Lee for Cue shirt dress yesterday. I tried to wear it with tights and a jacket to work today but I think I am still looking pretty inappropriate. Oh well I think it's cute anyway.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hello My Name's Shannon and I am a Blackoholic

I finished my MBA! Ok thats a filthy lie I finished this trimester but good news is I dont have to spend every day ploughing through 10 hours at work then another 3 with my head in a book for a few weeks. Huzzah! So back to the blog I run.

My wardrobe seems very scarce at the moment but I am trying not to spend any money until I reach New York (so outfit posts will probably be mediocre at best). I am however, trying to wear more colour as my wardrobe pretty much consists of black and grey. This is my attempt for my work get-up today , I must have underestimated just how much black I wear because I have got 6 comments (its 9.45am) that its wierd to see me in colour.

Could I be an unintentional goth?! I'm not a cure fan so I think I'm in the clear.

Kachel Dress, Peter Morrissey for Big W (!) jacket, Necklace from markets, Calvin Klein Shoes and YSL ring

By the way I wanted to take these pics in little pavillion we have in our backyard but there are workers next door who could see so I had to resort to the dingy garden.