Sunday, August 15, 2010

YSL Arty Ring and model spotting

Seeing I am totally bumming around in track pants and an oversize shirt I thought I would post a quick pic of my coral YSL Arty Ring I got recently. I had been on the waiting list since March but now I have it I am not so sure about it.

Anyway here it is.....the nail polish is Chanel Paradoxical

Aside from that had a bit of a model spotting day today, firstly I saw Tiah Eckhardt walking with her new baby in a pram, then I saw Samantha Harris looking very irritated with her boyfriend at Bondi Junction and finally I saw Charlotte Dawson down at Otto at Woolloomoloo while I was having lunch who looked surprisingly fresh without makeup in a man style shirt and jeans.

I would have taken some pics but as usual I forgot my camera, but oh well there is always next time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Inappropriate Shoes

I love shoes, I really do but I am horrendous at buying them. All my shoes are either black or camel so I either have way too many pairs to choose from for an outfit or absolutely none. On top of that I am forever buying shoes that are near impossible to walk in. Last week I added another inappropriate pair to my collection; these Alexander Mcqueens but I absolutely love them, the heel is carved and they are just beautifully made, plus I am a little sentimental about them as they are from his last collection.

BUT I cant seem to get them to work with any outfit.

The beautiful carved heel

This is the pic that Net-A-Porter had of them styled which I think looks quite nice but I dont really have any graphic dresses and I think the print + elaborate shoes = a bit much.

Any other suggestions of how to wear these babies?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiatus Shmiatus

I'm not really sure if people even check this page but wanted to give a quick update anyway.

I have been on an extended hiatus due to a tragedy in the family but I am back, returning to "normal" and ready to blog!

Also, the man bought a new camera so I plan on borrowing (ie. stealing) it to take better quality pics,no more dead dangly arms I promise and I have been indulging in way too much retail therapy so have plenty of new stuff to share.

Looking forward to being back in the blogosphere