Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is this thing on?

According to blogger it is been 14 months since I posted; I feel like if I could have held out just a little more it would have been some sort of record!

Unfortunately life just got a bit too busy with working long hours and studying my masters leaving me with very little time for blogging/social life/personal hygiene but I still read so many blogs and miss posting so here I am trying to revive this beast!

Between all the work of 2011/2012 I have had a great time, I got to travel to China and Hong Kong a few times for work, Thailand for pleasure, hung out with the rockingest nephew around all of which have made life pretty damn good. I stuck a few photos I found on Instagram of some highlights of the past year which looking at now seems to basically reading, food and wine so that seems about right.

Please note B&W filter to disguise poor photog skills.

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