Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer Playsuit

I tend to dress very seriously in winter as I am a big fan of structured clothing and interesting shapes, but in summer you have no choice but to join the party so I am looking forward to giving things a quirky edge. In that vein I tried this Sretsis Playsuit a few months ago in a blue colour which was about $470 or so but decided against it.

 I have regretted not getting it since but by a stroke of luck I found this little romper from Forever New on a recent trip to Perth, I need to adjust the bustline but other than that I am really happy with it.

My Boyfriends words when I bought these sunnies "why exactly would you want to wear a butterfly on your face" to which I sighed heavily and walked away muttering you just don't get it.

Click three times

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  1. That romper looks great on you :) I'm still on the search for one to wear this summer.

  2. the sunnies are niiiiice! i think they really suit you.
    the stretsis playsuit is amazing but that pricetag is craycray.

  3. Thanks! I love the Stretis one but I really dont think you could get away with it for more than one season so I think bargin shopping is a better idea

  4. i love those sunnies and oversized sunnies in general. lemming a couple of chanels atm, hopefully will purchase in the new year.

    men dont get fashion. i get the same comments from my BF too!