Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work Wear

One of the upsides of working in Marketing in the Cosmetics Industry is that you can take liberties with work attire, so this is what I wore today super comfy and a vast improvement on the suits I used to wear!

 The details:
Wearing Country Road Jacket, Scanlan and Theodore top, Cue Pants, Avon Necklace, Calvin Klein shoes and BCBG Maxazria clutch.

Also I have been tagged by some lovely (and very stylish) bloggers for the stylish blog award, if you havent already I suggest you check them out!

Aelie at Autumn Castle
The Lovely Ladies at Black Ink Vintage
and of course The Stylish Shoe girl at The Stylish Shoe Girl 

So here are my 7 things about me:
  • I am petrified of birds but love buying clothing and jewellery with birds on them.
  • I study my MBA (Masters in Business) at night and work long hours which is why I start nearly every outfit post with "sorry the photos arent great but I was in a hurry".
  • I love lists, I am not pedantic but love crossing things out when I finish them. I even write things that I have already done just so I can cross them out.
  • I am obsessed with the bubbles game app on the iphone, I wont stop playing it until I reach 5000 points and you know what happens then? Nothing.
  • I have a habit of naming inanimate objects, my laptops name is Archibald, my boyfriends laptop is Reginald (AKA Archie and Reggie), my Chanel bag is called Shelley Channelly and my car is called Heinrich Von Trappensson the Third (he is an Audi so needed a german name).
  • I have a (dorky) love of politics and economics and I am a staunch Atheist and Civil Libertarian.
  • I am moving out of my apartment this week to downsize and live with some friends and I am already mourning the view!


  1. ahaha i'm petrified of birds too! Stupid things always swoop me when i;m jogging!! :)

    love that necklace and clutch :)

  2. Oh my god you should SO document your convos!!! I love the convos that I have with some of my dementia/brain tumor type patients. Not that I'm laughing AT them of course, laughing with them... you have to laugh in the face of adversity!!!!

    I love that you name objects... I could so see myself doing this!

    V cute clutch by the way, I've got a yellow bag sitting in my wardrobe I just never know HOW to wear it. Le sigh.

  3. Gorgeous outfit, I have the same jacket and wear it so much.

    I name things as well. My car is Penelope. I think she needs a middle name :)

  4. your so lucky you can dress so chic to work. The pants so comfy. I work in a pub now so ugly collared shirts for me. And yes, I am organised I feel it's a positive and negative trait I have. x

  5. Love this work outfit. Haha my sister names all her inanimate objects too ;) x Sushi

  6. Great outfit!

    I love lists too.

    Have a great weekend.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  7. Thanks lovely <3

    hahaha I love the name of your bag! I swear I can always find faces on inanimate objects!


  8. Hey!!!! i found your blog just by luck and now i am a follower you are so funny girl and so stylish! naming items that's so funny hehehe i used to do this too like with my dad's old car but i could never imagine names like the ones you picked..heinrich von trappensson the third that's genious how did u ever come up with it?? shelley channelly! cuteeeeeee!
    by the way i wanna ask you where are you from? cause the view behind you is standing but i have no idea where it is...stunning view lucky girl!
    lucky for having chanel bag too!
    and a gorgeous yellow clutch like this one! i adore it
    by the way let me introduce myself i am marianna of
    i am so sorry for the long message hope i didn't bother you
    hope you like my blog too and follow me back (?)

  9. ohhh and love your black blazer and the red cute necklace

  10. Those pants look amazing on you, and i really want that yellow clutch!

  11. oh wow! lovely outfit. that top is so chic!

    cool blog!

    The Flower Girl


  12. Wow I absolutely LOVE that view from your balcony! Makes me miss Sydney so so so very much :( Also, I have major clothes envy right now. Your outfits always look fabulous!

  13. love love love this outfit!

  14. Best Work OUtfit Ever!!! Seriously soooo stylish!

  15. oh love this look! great addition w the pops of color! xo

  16. adorable outfit. I am your newest follower xxx

  17. very cute outfit! Love the mix of colors