Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Is this thing on?

According to blogger it is been 14 months since I posted; I feel like if I could have held out just a little more it would have been some sort of record!

Unfortunately life just got a bit too busy with working long hours and studying my masters leaving me with very little time for blogging/social life/personal hygiene but I still read so many blogs and miss posting so here I am trying to revive this beast!

Between all the work of 2011/2012 I have had a great time, I got to travel to China and Hong Kong a few times for work, Thailand for pleasure, hung out with the rockingest nephew around all of which have made life pretty damn good. I stuck a few photos I found on Instagram of some highlights of the past year which looking at now seems to basically reading, food and wine so that seems about right.

Please note B&W filter to disguise poor photog skills.

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  1. busy life is better than being idle! good luck with everything and can't wait to see more posts hun!

  2. OMG that baby elephant is soooooooo cute!!!! xx

  3. Shannon! It's been a very, very , very long time! So nice to see you back on the blogosphere. I'm glad you've been working hard at school...although I definitely won't be anywhere near working towards a Master yet, I'll be holding back on the blogging too this coming school year. Hey, at least we're not alone! ;)


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