Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Inappropriate Shoes

I love shoes, I really do but I am horrendous at buying them. All my shoes are either black or camel so I either have way too many pairs to choose from for an outfit or absolutely none. On top of that I am forever buying shoes that are near impossible to walk in. Last week I added another inappropriate pair to my collection; these Alexander Mcqueens but I absolutely love them, the heel is carved and they are just beautifully made, plus I am a little sentimental about them as they are from his last collection.

BUT I cant seem to get them to work with any outfit.

The beautiful carved heel

This is the pic that Net-A-Porter had of them styled which I think looks quite nice but I dont really have any graphic dresses and I think the print + elaborate shoes = a bit much.

Any other suggestions of how to wear these babies?


  1. Gorgeous shoes! I think they would look good with slouchy cargo pants, tee and blazer xx

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  2. My suggestion would be to wear them carefully... they look primed to break an ankle. Aside from that, I'd say look for a nice retro dress.. circa 1940's or 50's. I know, that type of garb isn't exactly your thing, but it would be a great compliment to these shoes. Black with red belt, simple red clutch purse maybe?

  3. I would suggest tailored shorts in a neutral colour, a tucked in man style shirt, and black necklace that has a floral element

  4. Hey, nice blog!! i'm back rtacking through and getting my fix - didnt even realise there were digital print dresses out this year (that's how far behind i am) xD

    i know this is a little late but i think the shoes would go well with anything wheels & dollbaby (slightly burlesque yet rock chiquie!!)