Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hiatus Shmiatus

I'm not really sure if people even check this page but wanted to give a quick update anyway.

I have been on an extended hiatus due to a tragedy in the family but I am back, returning to "normal" and ready to blog!

Also, the man bought a new camera so I plan on borrowing (ie. stealing) it to take better quality pics,no more dead dangly arms I promise and I have been indulging in way too much retail therapy so have plenty of new stuff to share.

Looking forward to being back in the blogosphere


  1. haha 2 "no more dangly arms.."
    dangly arms are lieksohot right now.

  2. Hope everything is ok with your family.

    I actually came onto your page because before I went on my "Hiatus" I forgot to respond.

    I need new shooooes. Your blog makes me want to go out and buy some.. NOW. I don't care if the shops aren't open! haha

    take care x