Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Skirt and Stuff

I have been lusting over (I hate it when people say that but I can't think of an appropriate alternative) this Karla Spetic skirt for so long. Its so cute and quirky but I am on a spending ban because we are moving  Saturday! I need to figure out a way to sneak it into my wardrobe with the man noticing but I dont think this is possible as the skirt isnt really an undercover stealthy design.

On an exciting note the new place (same apartment building just higher up and bigger) has a walk in wardrobe! So so excited! Currently my clothes reside in the built in wardrobe in the main bedroom, a chest of draws, a free standing wardrobe that sits awkwardly in the living area and the built in wardrobe in the spare room as well as a free standing shoe rack.

I went to check out the apartment last weekend and just stood in the wardrobe the whole time taking pictures.


  1. are you moving just because you need more room for clothes?
    i saw this skirt (or similar) online and thought: wowwwwww.
    i hope you new places has a view which is just as nice.

  2. oh, duh. you said it's in the same building.

  3. All the digital prints from that Karla Spetic collection were just amazing. And yay for walk in wardrobes!

  4. Great outfit!
    Nice Blog, maybe we can follow each other? :)
    Have a nice day!

  5. That is super cute! Men always notice when we buy new things! Its almost impossible to hide =). Good luck on the move.

  6. ha Holly the view is better! There is one building that obstructs our view a little bit now that we wont have in the new place.

    I totally agree Soph, I loved her collection, I have only bought one dress but I am dying to get so many peices.

    The bf is usually worse than me with money, he loves to surprise me with designer stuff I would feel too guilty buying but I told him that he needs to tone down the spending this month so I dont think me buying new clothes will go down well! Al

  7. I love the skirt!!! and the colour of the blouse is great too!
    amazing blog!
    check ou tmine ;)

  8. Whoop! I say "lusting after" quite a bit... ;)

    What a cute skirt! I'm liking the blush shirt more though.

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