Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goofing around

My boyfriend and I decided to head to Sugarmill tonight for a few drinks and dinner after a really manic day of work to destress, I love the really laid back atmosphere with all the travellers but it doesn't hurt that the bat tender makes a mean martini either.

The man with a beer moustache
Doing the thriller dance
Mmm martini

I like it because they play runway shows

He likes it because they play people injuring themselves on bikes
The cool toilet sign


  1. Those toilet signs are so great!
    Way better than the normal ones they have everywhere else...

    Fernanda Lucila

  2. I like it because of the green man attempting to flee for his life.
    Way better than our boring old "Exit" signs...

  3. ha I looked like a bit of of weirdo hanging around the toilets with my camera, I think I need to improve my stealth photography!

  4. Im assuming these are the martinis that have been promised??? Great blog Shanxxxx

  5. Of course Jessy! Now hurry up and haul ass to Sydney