Monday, June 7, 2010

Still rambing about faux fur coats....

So alot of my obsession with finding the warmest of faux fur coats is  because I am orginally from Western Australia and have only been in Sydney for a year. I love sydney but anything under 19 degrees celcius and I feel like I am in the tundra and start to think calling in sick to work for the reason of hibernation is perfectly acceptable. Anyway so the hunt still continues for a Isabel Marantesque faux fur like the ones below (I have a bit of a thing for Christine Centenera's style if you can't tell).

A few weeks ago I went to Bisonte and tried on a fur which was rabbit, the coat was gorgeous and the sales lady was very convincing in her pitch about how rabbits are a pest and its good for the natural fauna to wear the fur, but in the end something just didn't feel right and I didn't buy it. Funny how we can find it perfectly acceptable to wear leather though?
Anyway it was like the Lisa Ho one below but this gorgeous light blue/grey colour...I still daydream of it.

I tried to do an outfit post this morning before work but my camera died, hopefully I 'm not a total lazy slob tonight and try again.


  1. I can't believe you're looking to buy a faux fur coat...
    Do you KNOW how many faux animals died making those?!?!?
    Still, I'd rather see a faux leopard bite it as opposed to you supporting the velocigoose-feather down coat industry. <3

  2. hello!!!! thank you for your comment...i like your blog...xoxo Eli

  3. Thanks Eli!

    I know I know I should be ashamed of myself Velocigoose