Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Work clothes

Here are some quick outfit shots this morning before work. One of the good things about working in the beauty industry is that you don't have dress too corporate, so all my suits from careers past sit in the back of the wardrobe collecting dust. Which means NO IRONING!

Anywho both the dress and shoes are Calvin Klien.

My arms dangle really strangely in these photos, I think I need to try a bit of a hand on the hip move or something.
Michael Kors watch

The shoes, the photos aren't very good but they are distressed leather with these cute little zips on the back, nothing fancy but so comfy I wear them relentlessly.


  1. Thanks so much :) That's a very lovely dress by the way!

  2. you look great. is this dress still available, if not from what season? thanks!