Friday, June 4, 2010

Morning coffee and trying to look natural posing on the balcony

This morning I tried to take some outfit posts of me on the balcony, I am usually the person who hides from the camera so hopefully they don't look quite as awkward as I felt!

My boyfriend bought me the Nicholas Kirkwood shoes a while ago but I had lots of trouble styling them until I got my hands on this Portman's Suede Jacket which ties them into most outfits. The dress is Scanlan and Theodore and one of my favourites because it's so versatile.

Here is some close ups of the details

My boyfriend and I then headed down to this crazy little German cafe called Una, the place was so quaint I had to take some photos.

My boyfriend's giant omelette


  1. Welcome to blogging (I myself am new too but I am already addicted.

    I really like this outfit. The contrast between the dress and the jacket is fab. And those shoes, your boy has great taste, lucky you.

    I look forward to following you :-)

  2. Gorgeous outfit! Those shoes are killer! I hope you post more :) x Sushi

  3. I love Una's it is the best hangover restaurant in the world - schnitzel......

    Love your outfit.

    India Francis

  4. The Omelette was soooo good, thanks I love the shoes, I owe the bf big time for that one

  5. amazing shoes...great look...;)