Saturday, October 30, 2010

Annoyance quelled by Mcqueen heelage

I'm in bit of a grumpy mood because I was just trying to take some pics when my tripod fell over and the lens broke...urrrgh! Anyway I hope I can get another one soon because the only other lens I have is too big.

Aside from that I'm visiting the soon to be in-laws today and here are the photos of what I am wearing that I managed to salvage before the lens died a tragic death.

The outfit is pretty boring; Dotti skirt, Country Road jacket, Bally dress which I tucked into the skirt to wear as a top, Gucci sunnies. But I did get to finally wear my Alexander Mcqueen heels that have been sitting in my wardrobe for much much too long.

Here's a few extra pics of them

 I absolutely love all the carving in the heel.


  1. Not a boring outfit at all! The skirt and heels add to the simple colour palette.

  2. Those shoes are gorgeous! I disagree not a boring outfit.

  3. Soooo lovely:))))


  4. Thanks Ladies!

    I just saw how insanely grumpy I look in the pics, I wasn't a happy camper!