Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Time for a hair makeover

My hair is ash blonde naturally and I have had it dark for about a year now, but with the warmer months coming and my irritation growing with getting my hair done every 2 weeks (my hair grows really fast and it looks like I am greying), I have decided to lighten up!

I love Balayage and I really hope I am not being a total fashion victim (which happens pretty frequently) but I am going to give in to this trend.

So I have booked an appointment at Oscar and Oscar tomorrow and they tell me it will take a few visits to get it how I want it because my hair is so dark now, but I am REALLY excited!

Here are some pics of Balayage that I really love


  1. Oooh good luck be sure to post pics! :D

  2. I love this trend, can't wait to see what it looks like on you! xx