Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh yellow clutch, how I love thee.

After much persistance I am finally getting my yellow oversized clutch (horaah!). This morning I bought this BCBG Max Azaria Clutch from outnet which was down from 174 to 69 pounds, but then thanks to a lovely vougette got a discount code which bought it down to 53 pounds.

Unfortunately you can't really see how big it is in the pic but its 18cm by 33cm, so I am really happy with it.
Now all I have to do is wait by the post box all day every day until it arrives.


  1. yum delicious buttery goodness! you'll have to post pics when it arrives

  2. What a fantastic buy! I love the colour of it.

  3. i lovelovelove the colour of this clutch. is it more of a mustard? i'm probably a little too obsessed with mustard coloured things...


  4. OHHHH thats gorgeous! I've been so against clutches for ages (cuz I thought they were impractical having to carry them etc) but recently I have seen sooo many nice ones and I'm loving the idea of an oversized one. I'm thinking I kind of HAVE to have one. Eek.

  5. Am I the only one who goes on the DHL website when they orders something and presses refresh every 2 minutes on the tracker? (please say no)

    I have found it really hard to find bright oversized ones, I know the trend is like 2 years old but I didnt think they would totally disappear!

  6. You got a great deal on that clutch and the color is delicious. I, too, refresh UPS, DHL or what have you. Waiting is the worst - especially when it says "out for delivery" in your town!


  7. The colour's not appealing to me.