Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pretty Shiney things!

Ok I am a HUGE Scanlan and Theodore fan, it comprises about half of my wardrobe, mostly because I like the way they play with different shapes.

Anyway I am really liking the below looks, so I am thinking of doing a sneaky trip there after work.

I am really loving the look in the middle on the top row and I have some kirkwoods that look nearly exactly like the so tempting!


  1. this is not the shiny thing i thought of would be seeing here. hehe. i like the bottom middle dress. i think it's fun.

  2. wow I love all of these! great picks xx

  3. Love how floaty and soft some of the dresses look.

  4. ha come to think of it that title is a bit misleading Holly! plus there isnt one sequin to be seen on any of those dresses!

    None of them were in yet apart from the netting one which was only in a large, my wardrobe is sad but my credit card is happy so it all evens out.