Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Night Outfit

We are heading into the city tonight and while I'm bored waiting for my boyfriend's flight to get in I took some snaps of what I'm wearing.

woops you can see the camera remote in my hand

My necklace has a seahorse on it :)
I'm wearing French Connection Blazer, Country Road Camisole, Fleur Wood Shorts, YSL Arty Ring and Colette Necklace.

Now if only my boyfriend would hurry up and get here so I could go have a Martini already!


  1. looking purdy, shannon!
    i wish i knew how to make a maritni for when my bf keeps me waiting.
    but i cant so i have a chamboard lime thing which is very refreshing :)
    have fun!

  2. Oh my holy - look at those pins. The balayage looks amazing, by the way! And also, my hair ALWAYS used to fall out of its curls, but now with hot rollers they behave! xx

  3. so chic!!

  4. ahhh the arty ovale...i had one early in the year and sold it to fund my new york trip...every time i see it on others i feel sad i had to part with it! That colour is great, if i got another one it would be the coral..


  5. Thanks Ladies!

    I wish I could make a Martini too Holly, but the extent of my bar tending skills involves the complicated task of pouring wine into a glass!

    I feel like I dont wear mine much Chow, everyone else seems to get it to work with everything but I just dont really thing it goes with much in my wardrobe.