Monday, October 11, 2010

Canberra Roadtrip: Part 2

Here are some more pics from Canberra, not at all related to fashion but it was so much fun decided to post them anyway.
Trying to jump the blocks at the portrait gallery

Didn't make it

Or this time
Trying to take over Parliment house

The man looking cultured playing beethoven for me in the hotel
A half hearted outfit post even though I was in bumming around clothes
The trip home awwww

Wearing Sass and Bide leather jacket, oldest jeans ever, ninewest shoes, Hugo Boss scarf and Prada sunnies


  1. woo go canberra (I live here) hehe how funny I'm taking a roadtrip to sydney this weekend! Glad you had fun xx

  2. ahh is that the 'i told a lie' jacket?? you lucky thing!! and i'm digging those sunglasses, they're different and i like that :)


  3. ha I hope you have as good a time as we had Novelty!

    It certainly is Chow, I love it but the only thing is its cut a little higher on the back so I always have this cold spot between the jacket and my jeans.

    Thanks for the comments! xx