Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hair Attempt #1

I went to Oscar and Oscar last night (who I have never been to before but heard they were good with Balayage) and they were great. the hairdresser told me I would need to come again in 6 weeks to get back to blonde but still really happy with the result at the moment.

Here are some pics of the new hair, sorry they are a bit dodgy I took them really quickly before work, the contrast is actually heaps more prominent than it looks like in the photos.

The only problem is that because I am blonde naturally I get really light regrowth and my hair grows super fast so I have to try sit that out with crazy regrowth for 6 weeks, but I am committing to the balayage cause!

Eventually I want to get to something like this.

I also bought some of those Cloud 9 O rollers, has anyone used these? I havent tried mine yet but curls fall out of my hair really quick so I am hoping they help, I'm still not sure I really understand whats supposed to be so good about them though.


  1. that looks fantastic!! :) i've been toying with the idea of getting this done for so long now. x

  2. I cant believe youre naturally blonde! You pull off dark hair so well. The hair looks fab!

  3. Thanks so much!

    Nostaliga your hair is so beautiful now!

    Thanks Teacup, it involes alot of hair dying (my hair grows insanely fast and light regrowth looks like you are greying), eye brow tinting, and eyelash drives me crazy!