Sunday, October 10, 2010

Canberra Road Trip: Part 1

The man and I spontaneously decided to drive to Canberra this weekend and check out the national gallery, which was amazing but unfortunately photos were prohibited but we took a few messing around with the sculptures out the front.

Best way to end the day Champagne + Strawberries + book + bubble bath = bliss.

 Have some equally ridiculous photos of the following day which will post soon.

Oh for the record wearing country road pants and belt, Hugo Boss scarf, Miss shop knit and nine west shoes.


  1. i love kafka on the shore!
    so surreal.

  2. Gorgeous, fun pics! I've never been to Canberra, only Sydney. Looks like you had fab weather!

  3. I am really enjoying it Holly, I read Norwegian Wood and hated it but I was Kafka on the Shore was really good so I gave Murakami another go, so glad I did!

    We were totally spoilt for weather Sophie, crisp but the sun was out, I think the weather was better than back home in Sydney!